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Conductive's Features

With our diverse array of tools and products, you’ll have everything you need to simplify Web3 development.

Complete measurement and analytics toolkit

Improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing the risk of mistakes through complete end-to-end automation of the data collection, storage, and analysis.

Combine Web2 and Web3 analytics

Leverage your raw data and perform deeper analysis by examining your token events on the blockchain alongside your app events.

One-line code integration

Integrate our measurement and analytics suite into your Web3 application with only one line of JavaScript code.

Learn your true ROI with Conductive Attribution

Conductive Attribution gives you full visibility into the source of your conversions and identifies campaigns and channels that acquire the best users, while preserving customer privacy.

Web2 + Web3 attribution
Customizable campaigns
Seamless developer integration

Turn insights into action with Conductive Analytics

Conductive Analytics simplifies complex data and provides a unified view of campaign performance for better, faster marketing decisions at every stage of the user journey.

Track your campaigns
Optimize your funnel
Speed up dApp development

Send tokens and NFTs to users quicker using Conductive Dispenser

Dispenser allows users to send tokens to multiple addresses efficiently by batching transfers and streamlining the process. It saves time by generating transactions on MetaMask.

Send tokens and NFTs via Dispenser
Only pay gas fees
No hidden transaction fees

Create a Staking Pool with Conductive Soft Stake

Conductive Soft Stake allows developers to build non custodial staking pools requiring no gas and with no risks associated with smart contracts.

Create a new staking pool in 10 minutes
Users earn rewards without locking tokens
Track pool activity and user statistics

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